If you come to Costa Rica and you like surfing, you can’t miss Draco’s Surf Camp. Here you’ll find the best surfing ambience, and the best hosting crew.


4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Sadly, anything good of this place can be said.
    There’s no pool what you find is a pond fool with feces , leaves , grass and dead animals; the rooms are not clean, the dog shown on different photos is cover with ticks.
    There were a couple of young ladies staying and they have to take a bucket of water from a pond to flush the toilets, simply disgusting
    When we refused to stay and ask the money back, no refund was ever done.
    So you better pay some extra dollars and stay in a real place rather than in a dream whose owner does not realize his dream of junky and lousy horribletel is complete gone.

  2. Facebook pics are as old as the owner. He is such a thief that he blocked comments and messages in facebook, Cooments were posted to warm possible vitims. He tries to insult Costa Rican by Calling us “come huevos” let me tell u , it is a fact , it is part of CostaRican culture, you ignorant. Pack your shit and go to your beloved Country and rob people there.

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